Body Moisturising for Busy/Lazy People

I love most things beauty related, but one thing I just cannot stand is body moisturising. It is literally such a chore for me and I have countless body moisturisers/butters sitting high up on my shelf collecting dust. Problem is, I LOVE how moisturising makes my body feel and smell. But who doesn’t like having soft skin right? But my life changed when I discovered the beauty of in-shower moisturisers. 

Maybe some people enjoy the idea of spending 15 minutes moisturising their entire body, then waiting a further 10 for it to dry, after a shower in the morning. But the reality is, MOST people are busy and when you have a 9-5 there’s no time for that in the morning. But with the following products, you can still have the benefits of having a beautifully smelling and moisturised body AND not losing any time in the morning. BOOM. 🙌 Or if you’re just a bit lazy like me you will want this in your life.

Lush Body Conditioner Range

‘African Paradise’ Body Conditioner £20


I think Lush do the best in-shower body moisturisers ever. They are made with all natural ingredients (this one includes Shea butter and Moringa oil) that actually benefit the skin as well as moisturise, smell AMAZING and I love that their brand is cruelty free. My all time favourite is the ‘African Paradise’ Body Conditioner.

It’s super simple to use; at the end of your shower, on wet skin apply a thin layer of this stuff all over your body. Make sure to massage it well into the skin and not rinse it off too quickly to allow your skin to absorb as much as possible. Then rinse off. It leaves a thin oily layer (not greasy though) on the skin as it contains 8 different beneficial oils. After patting yourself dry with a towel the layer goes away and you begin to feel already how soft your skin is. No waiting around for 10/15 minutes for regular moisturiser to sink in!

It smells incredible with a subtle floral fragrance, I found the smell lasts all day and my skin is soft all day. I also used this in the Summer on sunburnt skin and I found it really soothed and helped my sunburn go away quicker, so these conditioners by Lush would benefit someone with sensitive skin due to their gentle all-natural ingredients.

Lush Conditioner inside

Unfortunately this scent was recently discontinued, at least in the UK, and I’m SO UPSET ABOUT IT, please LUSH bring it back I’m almost at the end of this pot of heaven.

Luckily, I also love their body conditioner in the scent ‘Ro’s Argan’, £16.95, it’s little more sweet smelling with hints of vanilla and contains brazil nut oil.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser £2.99


If Lush is a bit out of your budget, I would highly recommend the ‘Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser’, I must admit, it does not last as long as the Lush ones or smell as luxurious (I guess you get what you pay for). HOWEVER, for the small price you do pay, it works really well. It does the job of moisturising my skin and I really enjoy the almond oil scent.  You apply it in the same way I explained with the Lush conditioner and boom, soft moisturised skin! Wooooo.

Say goodbye to getting out of a freezing-cold shower and applying moisturiser whilst you die of frostbite. Ha. Praise the lord for this invention!

Do you find moisturising a chore? Would love to hear any moisturising hacks you have! Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Body Moisturising for Busy/Lazy People

  1. marychronicles says:

    I didn’t know you can actually moisturize your skin even when you’re in the shower! I’m still learning more about skincare, we also have Lush here in the Philippines. I’ll check if some outlets has the same product you’re using. I’d definitely try it soon! 💖

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  2. Nova says:

    I am definitely someone who forgets to moisturize often! I also use the Lush Body conditioner (Ro’s Argan) and I really like it! I just started using it in December and I love how easy and effective it is. I especially love using it when I am also using a hair mask, because then I have an excuse to leave it on extra long, and my skin is definitely so hydrated after!

    Liked by 1 person

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